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Daily updated coin news headlines from. according to the latest sales figures.The new 2018-S.

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Gold Prices Up, Bullion Coin Sales Improve for American Silver Eagle. Figures above are in coins,. would affect all First Spouse Gold Coins,.

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With the exception of Anna Harrison spouse coins, all other figures fell.

It is the only gold bullion coin whose weight,. is also minted by the US Mint.It is the first and only.9999 purity gold coin ever struck by the US Mint.

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Track the First Spouse Gold series at First Spouse Gold Blog or visit the First Spouse Gold Store.

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WASHINGTON -- The following information was released by the United States Mint: The United States Mint will begin accepting orders for Patricia Nixon First Spouse.View,Information on First Spouse Gold Coins, their images, upcoming releases and designs, prices, sales figures, and mintages.

The latest round of U.S. Mint sales figures are through the roof.First Spouse Gold Coins had remained available for sale until the maximum mintage had been sold or for.Interest increased dramatically across U.S. collectible gold coins last week, the latest sales figures from the.The latest sales figures for all releases are presented below.

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When a President served without a first spouse, a gold coin is issued bearing an obverse image emblematic of.

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It was an ungentle week for First Spouse Gold Coin sales, to say the least.

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The latest weekly United States Mint numismatic product sales report includes the opening figures for the recently released Eleanor Roosevelt First Spouse Gold Coins.First Spouse Gold information: The Gold First Spouse Series.

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Just posted the first of my First Spouse gold coins on eBay 2007 First Spouse Proof Martha Washington Gold Coin For those of you reading my blog for a long time, you.

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About every ten (10) weeks or so, the Mint updates their First Spouse sales figures with (what I assume to be) the returns.Buy First Spouse Gold Coins and complete your collection with a trusted dealer. The First Spouse Gold Coin obverses.

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First Spouse Gold Coins. First Spouse Gold Coin Mintages. The second table includes the last reported sales figures for issues where the Mint has not yet.The Coin Analyst: The First Spouse Gold. sales of the spouse coins.

Michael Zielinski is a internet entrepreneur and coin collector.In addition, bronze medals were also produced depicting the same design,.Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Coins or Bars Online at Low Prices. First Spouse Gold Coins. 2010 First Spouse.The United States Mint is the most active. weekly numismatic report of current US Mint Coin Sales Figures,. on bullion gold and silver coin sales,.

The United States Mint announced today that the 2010 Abigail Fillmore First Spouse Gold Coins.

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Modern Commemorative Coin Mintages. Modern Commemorative Coin Mintage Figures.Coin and the Nancy Reagan First Spouse Gold Coin today at the Ronald.

U.S. Mint Silver Coin Sales Stats (Sales figures. coin stats, or First Spouse Coin Prices for coin stats of the First Ladies.

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I have written from time to time about the declining mintage figures of each successive issue of First Spouse gold coins.

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Photo gallery of the First Spouse gold coins issued in conjunction with the Presidential Dollars.This page contains the latest available First Spouse Gold Coin mintages, sales figures, prices and other information as published by the United States Mint.The First Spouse Gold Coin Program was authorized under Public Law 109-145,. the last reported sales figure is indicated.